Checking In With My Savings Plan: January 2018 Edition

In January, I received $5,483.51 in freelance earnings and $29.89 in book royalties, or $5,513.40 total.

This Week’s Investing Update

I got an email from TIAA this morning letting me know that my rollover is in progress.

Another Update on My Investing Project

Here’s where I am with all of my current investment vehicles.

The Cost of Moving Gran

Six months ago we discovered my grandmother had outlived her savings and could no longer afford to stay in her home.

An Update on My Investing Project

Time to figure out how to AVOID FEES.

If Automatic Investing Leads to Higher Auto and Mortgage Debt, Is That Necessarily Bad?

Without the interest rates and the investment returns, it’s difficult to say whether they’ve made the wrong choice.

I Want to Put More Money in Cryptocurrency — But Which One Should I Choose?

Litecoin? Ripple? Dogecoin?

Opening Investment Accounts After Freezing Your Credit Reports Is a Huge Pain

I should have unfrozen everything first.

The Dow Is at Its Highest Ever (Again)

It just passed 25,000 points.