Let’s Get Excited About Investing

So I told you I’d tell you about my NEW 2018 BUDGET, and how it includes PERSONAL NON-RETIREMENT INVESTING.

How a Freelancer Who Invested in Bitcoin Does Money

Opal (not her real name) is a Millennial freelancer in New York.

How a Lawyer in Toronto Does Money

Elizabeth (not her real name) is a 31-year-old lawyer in Toronto.

You Had Better Make These Investing Moves OR ELSE

And make them by the end of the year, okay?

I Thought I Wanted to Form an Investment Club. (I Don’t.)

I run with friends, I hike with friends, and I only like to cook when there are other people helping in the kitchen. An investment club would be the same thing, right?

Our Parents’ Careers: Talking to My Parents About Their Previous Lives

One of my favorite things about my parents is how much life they lived before I was born.

My Father, My Savings, and Me

My father has managed and invested my share of an inheritance since I was a child. At what point should I take on this responsibility?

Should You Take Money Out of One Kid’s Investment Portfolio and Give It to Your Other Kid?

Who else read Dear Prudence today? I want to hear your thoughts on this family’s question.

Would You Really Have an Extra $25K If You’d Never Bought an iPhone?

Um… maybe?

Mom, We Invested in Bitcoin

How Bitcoin is like 50-year-olds ordering pizza online, and why I invested in it.