Paying Money for the Funnies

I shelled out $1,125 on tuition for three levels of musical improv classes.

The Cost of Jumping Into Jujitsu

Twice a week I put on my gi and belt, and grab my notebook and weapons, and head to the dojo.

The Cost of Running an Ultramarathon

Running one hundred miles is an exercise in endurance, persistence and patience. It also comes with a price tag.

How a Golden Girls Coloring Book Changed My Life

As a little kid, I loved to color, loved picking out crayons. Yet I could never stay inside the lines.

The Cost of Trying Something New Every Week

I promised myself 52 new experiences.

What I Spend Every Year to Dance in the Woods

The cost of attending Adult Dance Camp.

The Cost of Competing in a Powerlifting Meet

First off is joining a federation of your choice. I picked the USAPL due to the fact that it is drug-free.

How Not to Save Money by Making Your Own Clothes

If I learned how to sew my own clothes, I would have an endless supply of perfectly fitting garments, for basically free. Right?

The Cost of Sewing Nearly All of My Clothes

Can sewing save you money? Yes, probably. Does sewing save me money? Absolutely not.

The Cost of Getting Into Lifting

Earlier this month I hinted that I was planning to spendĀ a lot of money in April.