Use YearCompass to Close Out 2018 and Set 2019 Goals

Instead of the usual Friday link roundup, I wanted to share a resource I just read about in Lucy Bellwood’s TinyLetter (you might remember Lucy from previous Billfold posts Talking to Adventure Cartoonist Lucy Bellwood About Income Tracking and Lucy Bellwood Shares How Much She Earned After Her Artwork Went Viral).

The resource is called YearCompass, and it’s this tool that’s been around for, well, years — but this is the first time I’ve heard of it, and I’m hoping some of you will be equally excited to try it out.

YearCompass is a free booklet that can be printed (if you want to fill it out by hand) or downloaded (if you want to fill it out on a device). It comes with 20 pages of prompts and questions to take you from 2018 into 2019, from “choose three words to define your past year” to “these three things I will do every morning.” YearCompass suggests setting aside three hours to look back on your year and one hour to look forward, with a break in between. I may do the whole book at once because that’s how I do things, but we’ll see how it goes.

Have any of you done YearCompass before? I hope that some of you will find it useful, especially as you’re considering how all your goals fit together for 2019: personal, professional, familial, financial, etc.

Also, Lucy Bellwood’s TinyLetter is pretty great, if you’re looking for more stuff to read.

Photo by Jordan Madrid on Unsplash.

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