Question Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to heat up those financial questions.

When Laziness Beats Frugality: Signing up for a Meal Box

If the alternative is several take-out, fast-food, and sit-down meals, then is absolutely a less-expensive and healthier way to go.

The Billfold Goes to the Archives: Community Cookbooks

These books are meant to be used, in a way that I suspect the few hefty, glossy cookbooks I personally own are not.

Throwback Thursday: The Cost of Being Vegan

Before I was vegan, I used to buy half-moon cookies for a dollar.

Buying One Luxury Food Item per Week Keeps Me on Budget and Happy in the Kitchen

It started with zoodles.

Learning to Love Leftovers

My cooking experiments were getting expensive, so I had to figure out a new way to prep food.

When Food Becomes Part of Your Medical Treatment

Before I got sick, I could definitely have been called the Queen of Not Cooking.

The Cost of Cutting Back on Meat

Vegetable-based meals aren’t necessarily cheaper.

How to Stock Your First Kitchen

This kitchen setup will enable you to cook a wide variety of foods without breaking the bank.

The Cost of Making My Own Peanut Butter Popcorn

This was such a good idea — thank you for suggesting it!