Every Job I’ve Ever Had: Drink Hustler, Aircraft Wirer, Goddess of Tubes

I may not have had a lucrative career, but I can say that I’ve had some interesting jobs in my lifetime.

My Conventional Career History

My career history used to be considered par-for-the-course and is now rare even amongst my generation.

Why I Left My STEM Career

I was happy working as a chemist, until I wasn’t.

Every Job I’ve Ever Had: Server, Assistant Director of Education, Administrative Assistant

I wanted to be the first person since Robert Frost to make a living writing poetry.

Every Nanny Job I’ve Ever Had

I wanted to travel the world—so I signed up to be a nanny.

My Career in Food

How I went from busser to baker (plus every other food-related job in between).

I Tried the Safe Career and Got Laid Off

Why I prefer freelancing to a full-time job.

25 Jobs by Age 25

Plus a few jobs I held between ages 25 and 39.

Every Job I’ve Ever Had: Scopist, Immigration Law Clerk, Civil Rights Attorney

As a scopist, I was responsible for listening to the recording that a stenographer had transcribed and making sure that the final transcript was accurate word-for-word to the recording.

On the Impact of Good Bosses

My bosses helped me get where I am today.