Why You Should Take “A Relaxing Mid-Career Break”

It’s the old “spread your retirement throughout your life” argument.

Planning for Retirement When There’s an Age Gap in Your Relationship

My husband is 17 years older than I am. When should we plan to retire?

What If Everyone Put Their Retirement Savings Into Annuities?

With this plan, we’d be pooling our investments to fund everyone else’s retirements as well as our own.

We Should All Plan to Delay Retirement by Six Months

It’s the equivalent of saving an extra percentage point towards retirement… for thirty years.

The Cost of Moving Gran

Six months ago we discovered my grandmother had outlived her savings and could no longer afford to stay in her home.

OregonSaves Automatically Enrolls Oregon Workers in Roth IRAs

And automatically deducts 5 percent from their paychecks.

Suze Orman Is Retired But Still Working

Earlier this week, we looked at Suze Orman’s retirement advice. Now we get a profile of her life as a retiree.

The Majority of Americans Can’t Afford to Retire

If you didn’t read the Washington Post’s “The New Reality of Old Age in America” this weekend, I’m going to recommend it for this afternoon.

Planning for My Parents’ Retirement

I don’t want my parents to worry about bills they can’t pay once they don’t have an income.

How Much Am I Putting in My Roth IRA This Year?

This week, I set myself the financial goal of figuring out how much I was going to put into my Roth IRA this year.

How a Goal-Oriented Saver in Lansing Does Money

Celia (not her real name) is a 30-year-old nonprofit director in Lansing, Michigan.

Even Those of Us Who Think We’re Saving Enough for Retirement Aren’t Saving Enough

Because life gets in the way.

When It Comes to Your 401(k), Don’t Just ‘Set It and Forget It’