Suze Orman Is Retired But Still Working

Photo credit: Ricardo Mangual, CC BY 2.0.

Earlier this week, we learned that Suze Orman thinks we’ll all need to work until age 70.  (And get started on those skill-improving classes ASAP.)

Now, Time has a profile of how Orman’s own retirement is working out. It’s called “Inside Suze Orman’s Fabulous Retirement on a Private Island in the Bahamas.”

After decades in the public eye and 14 years hosting The Suze Orman Show, the personal finance series that was once CNBC’s highest-rated program, Orman stepped away from it all when the show ended its run in 2015. Now she and her wife, Kathy “KT” Travis, live full-time in the Bahamas, where they spend their days out fishing on their modest boat, a guppy compared with their neighbors’ gleaming whales docked in the harbor.

Time notes that the 66-year-old Orman is still working—assumedly she got paid for that article where she told people they’d need to work until age 70—but since that’s what the modern retirement looks like these days, I guess she’s just like us!

Actually, she may be a better person than some of us. The Time article describes Orman as a first-rate neighbor and philanthropist:

During Irma, some of the islanders didn’t evacuate. Orman didn’t trust anyone else’s home to stay standing during the storm, so she gave them her house keys. And when the power got knocked out and container ships were kept away, Orman’s cache of fish remained frozen, so she donated her haul to feed the island.

Okay, I won’t snark at Suze Orman anymore.

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