The Cost of Running for Local Office as a Last-Minute, Write-in Candidate

I hadn’t planned on running for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner.

Stopping Global Climate Change Is Going to Cost Us

But doing nothing might cost us even more.

Do We Need to Discuss Our President’s Net Worth?

There’s a lot of hot gossip about President Trump’s finances right now.

Congress Needs to Pass a Spending Plan to Prevent a Government Shutdown

They have until midnight on Friday.

How Mike Pence Does Money

The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer explains that Pence might have agreed to be Trump’s running mate because he needed the money.

Should Democrats Be Returning Harvey Weinstein’s Campaign Donations?

I get why they’re doing it. They’re standing up for what they believe in, and what they will refuse to accept.

The Secret Service Doesn’t Have Enough Money to Pay Agents

They’ve blown through their entire budget working to secure President Trump’s multiple residences.

Today in Money News

I love searching the Google news tab for “money,” because it turns up the best stories. Here are three:

More Political Decisions That Affect Our Ability to Earn and Save Money

Healthcare, overtime pay, and the ban on transgender people in the military.