An Open Thread About Financial Goals

It’s that time of the month, y’all… GOALS GOALS GOALS.

This month my goal is to figure out YNAB. I already solved the “how to prorate my Amazon Prime membership” question (which is coincidentally called “setting a goal”), and I still need to figure out the “how much to set aside” piece and the “how do I give my dollars the job of being my emergency fund” piece and the “how far into the future can I budget” piece, plus all the other pieces I haven’t figured out I need to figure out yet.

I also have another goal, which is to figure out how much money I need to put into my SEP IRA to get my health insurance subsidy back, both this year and next year. (OPEN ENROLLMENT JUST OPENED, GET YOUR AFFORDABLE CARE ACT HEALTHCARE BEFORE DECEMBER 15.)

Oh, and I’m going to be launching theĀ Frugal and the Beast preorder soon, and doing the marketing, and prepping the paperback for a final proof.

I think I can do all of these goals! I’ll do the YNAB andĀ Frugal and the Beast goals for sure. The ACA/SEP IRA thing might get pushed into December.

What about you? Are you still working on the end-of-year goals we discussed last month? (My six-figure net worth goal is not going to happen, sorry everybody, blame Mint.) Do you have any new goals to add?

Photo credit: Pranav_Yaddanapudi, CC BY 2.0.

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