Summer Pledge Drive: YES, IT’S HAPPENING

Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash.

Welcome to Day 1 of our week-long Summer Pledge Drive! (Are you surprised? I told you this was coming!)

Every day this week, I’m going to recommend a CLASSIC BILLFOLD POST that you PROBABLY FORGOT ABOUT — today, it’s Imani Mixon’s Making My Monday Mornings Feel More Like Saturday Nights.

I’m also going to invite you to support The Billfold, either through a recurring monthly contribution at our Patreon or a one-time-only contribution via PayPal.

If you’re already a Patreon contributor, you can enjoy this week of BONUS BILLFOLD POSTS or maybe TELL A FRIEND HOW GREAT WE ARE?

Tomorrow I’ll do a Q&A about how we’re going to use these pledges, so ask your questions if you’ve got ’em.

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