What’s Your Financial Goal for This Week?

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to set a financial goal for the week.

The Biographies of Ordinary People: Volume 2: 2004–2016 launches tomorrow, which means my goal is to get as many people as possible to buy a copy.

Since that’s not the type of goal I can achieve on my own (I can promote and announce, but other people have to make the decision to buy the book), here are the specific actions I’m taking that count towards my goal:

  • Announcing the launch on social media, my personal website, and my TinyLetter
  • Promoting the Seattle Review of Books sponsorship that I purchased last year (when you sponsor the SROB, you get a lovely writeup about your book and the chance to share an excerpt with readers)
  • Recording an episode of Writing & Money that’ll take listeners through the “how I self-published Biographies” story
  • Writing two articles about the self-publishing process (these and the below will all run on non-Billfold sites, which will help spread the word to people who aren’t y’all)
  • Revising one article about my writing process
  • Pitching one more article

That doesn’t look like a lot (although writing/revising what I hope’ll be four articles in addition to my regular workload is pretty significant), but a book launch is a long game. I have this week to do the “hooray, it’s published!!!” thing, and then I can start sharing Goodreads reviews on social media and on my website/TinyLetter, and then there’s the book tour, and then it’ll be time to do a sale on Volume 1 in order to get people hooked on buying Volume 2 at full price, etc. etc. etc.

Anyway. Goals!

How about you?

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