Question Wednesday

Photo by Lauren Roberts on Unsplash.

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to try on our financial questions.

Here’s my question for this week: as the weather finally starts to trend towards spring (or, depending on where you are in the world, skips spring completely and heads right into summer) have you also been, like, updating your wardrobe?

Last night I was all “ugh, my purse looks like I’ve been carrying it every day since fall 2014,” so I went online to find a new one… and then I got a pair of shoes to match, because of course you want your shoes to match your purse, right?

I also bought two bras, four pairs of capri pants, and two skirts, because the twelve spring/summer Ann Taylor Loft tops I bought to wear over my leggings all shrank in the wash (BUT NOT THE DRYER BECAUSE I KNOW BETTER, JUST THE WASH, ON THE DELICATE SETTING), and I was like, “okay, these tops don’t fully cover my butt anymore, but I like them, so… what if I bought some pants that didn’t require full butt coverage?”

And of course the whole thing only cost $187.45, because we live in a world where you’re supposed to buy that much clothing every season and then replace it all when it falls apart or shrinks EVEN THOUGH YOU DIDN’T PUT IT IN THE DRYER.


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