The Cost of Moving: A Week in Cedar Rapids

Photo credit: J Wynia, CC BY 2.0.

I did an interim “cost of my visit to Cedar Rapids” last week, but it’s time to total up exactly what this week of apartment-hunting and furniture shopping has cost me.

Flight: $539.60

Checked bags: $50

In-flight WiFi: $5.99

Taxi/Lyft to and from airports: $90.50

Airbnb: $651.89

Food: $102.52 

Bike rental: $44.94

Apartment application fee: $40

Apartment security deposit: $650

Furniture: $1,163.82

Chapstick that I bought at Walgreens: $1.79

Flight from Seattle to Cedar Rapids on November 30: $18.10 (after booking with miles)

Things I didn’t have to pay for: all food when I was with my parents, tickets to hear Orchestra Iowa play Beethoven’s Fifth (again, parents), three dresses and one sparkly sweater my mom bought me as a belated birthday present.

Total cost: $3,359.15

I should be getting $1,495 back from my current landlord after I move, plus the $500ish I hope to get for my furniture, so we could assume that I’m only $1,364.15 out of pocket so far.

With more spending to come because I still have to ship all my stuff (and buy some more stuff).

I hope this move will save me money eventually!