The Cost of Moving: Adding Up the Numbers

When I decided to move from Seattle to Cedar Rapids, I told you I’d keep track of every expense—and I have, from the security deposit to the pack of breath mints I bought at the airport.

The Cost of Moving: Getting From Seattle to Cedar Rapids

Right now I am sitting in my new apartment next to 14 of my 27 boxes (thanks, Sip and Ship!).

The Cost of Moving: Getting Groceries Delivered on the First Day

I’m scheduled to get the keys to my new apartment at 11 a.m. on Friday; the internet is scheduled to arrive at noon and my groceries are scheduled to arrive at 2.

The Cost of Moving: Completing the Shipping Process

Plus an update on my mattress.

The Cost of Moving: Shipping the Next Ten Boxes

Plus taking a pile of stuff to the Goodwill.

The Cost of Moving: Going Full Huel

Huel is saving my butt.

The Cost of Moving: Shipping the First Eight Boxes

As you might remember from my Monday Check-In, I shipped my first eight boxes to Cedar Rapids this weekend.

The Cost of Moving: Learning That My Mattress Is Being Shipped to the Wrong Address

I cannot even believe how much time I’ve spent on this, but here goes.

The Cost of Moving: Selling My Furniture

So I met with the person who will be moving into my Seattle apartment, and I sold this person all my furniture.

The Cost of Moving: Changing My Affordable Care Act Insurance

For some reason I thought this process would be easy.