Mr. Money Mustache Tries Driving for Uber and Lyft

Photo credit: Tony Webster, CC BY 2.0.

Here’s one more story I wanted to share before I head out for the long weekend: Mr. Money Mustache tried driving for Uber and Lyft to see if he could actually earn enough money—after subtracting the cost of driving—to make it worthwhile.

I cleaned up my car, stuck the Uber decal on the windshield, put on some nice clothes, mounted my phone on a sturdy dashboard clamp, and fired up the app. Within minutes, I had my first ring.

RIDE REQUESTED! John, 5 minutes away.

Will MMM make more than minimum wage driving for Uber and Lyft? Will he quantify exactly which types of trips are good for the driver, and which cost the driver more money than they’re worth? Will his attempt to only take fares that are likely to benefit him financially earn him a patronizing message from Uber, instructing him to change the way he uses the service?

If you plan on taking an Uber/Lyft—or driving one—this weekend, it’s worth the read.


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