Monday Check-In

I’m collecting bookmarks as I do these readings. I’ll add another one next Friday in Missoula.

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to check in on our weekend spending.

I spent this past weekend in Portland, reading from my novel at Another Read Through and hanging out with friends. Last Friday, I estimated that I would spend $100 on food and drink while I was in Portland, and I ended up spending $134.30. 

I forgot about estimating the Lyft rides I took to and from the Bolt Bus—because I did end up taking Lyfts, yay—and they cost $50.00.

I also estimated, and spent, $5.75 on laundry.

Total spending: $190.05.

How about you?

UPDATE: I forgot to add that I bought a book at Another Read Through. Add $12.99 to my spending for a total of $203.04.

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