Let’s Throw Some Money At Our Problems: April 2017 Monthly Check-In

Pull up those balances.

It’s the end of the month!

If you’re joining us for the first time, we like to report a specific balance at the end of each month to have a public record of our efforts to pay down our debt or reach our savings goals. You can read about our decision to publicly keep track of our debt here.

Pull up those balances!

I’m in the middle of paying off a Capital One credit card that wound up in collections. The balance on that card is $855 and I’m paying it off in $100 installments, starting in November.

Mar. 2017 Balance: $405.00
Apr. 2017 Balance: $305.00 — big news, I might just pay this off in one go next month.

My student loans are back, baby, and I’m paying $150 a month, but will probably increase that because I caaaaaaaaannnn. (Haven’t yet. Forgot.)

Mar. 2017 Balance: $23,121.30
Apr. 2017 Balance: $22,932.78

I’m paying off a private graduate student loan currently serviced by Discover. The interest rate on this loan is 2.25 percent, and the minimum monthly payment is $147. The original balance on this student loan was $22,377.

Mar. 2017 Balance: $4,783.71
Apr. 2017 Balance: $4,050.48

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