Friday Estimate

Photo: Josue Mendivil/Flickr

I am consistently amazed that we make it to the end of the week every single week, but we have and here we are. Friday, I have no solid plans and will ideally spend no money. On Saturday, two of my sisters are running a half marathon, so I have to hightail it to Coney Island with my other sister to greet them at the finish line. Then we’ll go to brunch and then later that day, I’ll go to a friend’s birthday party in her backyard. On Sunday, I have no plans except to do some work and stop by a friend’s house to see her dog. I should also buy groceries, but I’ll see what happens.

It’s warm out and I’ve been itching to spend money, so I’m going to give myself some room here and say $200. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if I spend less and not that upset if I spend more.

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