My 2018 Credit Card Spending

In my mind, I spent $5,000 for the year. Was I right? Absolutely not.

A Travel Cost Roundup

How much did I end up spending on my thirteen-day book-and-teaching tour (plus vacation)?

Do You Want to Do an Uber Frugal Month?

The Frugalwoods have just issued their annual challenge.

What If You’re Already Good With Money?

And what if that doesn’t necessarily lead to a better financial outcome?

I Put $10K Into a “Me Fund”

The Me Fund is there to pay for things that will make me want to thank myself, over and over, for buying them.

Checking In With My Groceries vs. Toiletries Project

Remember how I said I was going to separate out grocery and household/toiletry spending in 2018?

Getting What You Pay For

My MacBook was more expensive, but it’s outlasted my parents’ discount laptops.

How Much Do You Have Left to Spend This Month?

I’ll have spent through all of my October budget by the middle of the month.

Why Rich People Hide Price Tags

Today’s must-read longread is an essay by Rachel Sherman: “What the Rich Won’t Tell You.”

On Joint Accounts and Cappuccinos

When you share a bank account, how do you treat each other?