We’re Listening to S-Town, Because It’s All About Money

Want to join us?

can I be the first person to make the joke that it’s really pronounced “stone”

Hey, you know how yesterday you were only vaguely aware that a new podcast called S-Town was coming from This American Life and Serial, and today everyone is talking about it?

S-Town Podcast

We’re going to talk about S-Town on The Billfold too—because, as we found out this morning with everyone else, S-Town is all about money.

3 Things to Know About ‘S-Town,’ the New Money-Mystery Podcast From ‘Serial’

S-Town opens with the story of “ John B,” a liberal existentialist stuck in a rural Alabama town he deeply despises. John works in antique clock restoration and is on a mission to expose a murder he says has been ignored by local law enforcement. He’s got some peculiar money habits — like a distrust for banks that has prompted him to keep money hidden around his house rather than in a savings account.

That was all the information I needed to subscribe, and that’s even before I read the part about the hidden treasure (seriously, there’s a literal hidden treasure) or, as Time described it, the “hidden money moral everyone should learn.”

WHAT IS THIS MONEY MORAL??? Is it to distrust banks? Is it to not hide your treasure? I am ready to listen to seven hours of podcast to find out.

If you’re ready to join us, Megan and I will be discussing S-Town two weeks from today, on Tuesday, April 11.

I know that some of you will have already managed to binge the entire podcast even though it only dropped this morning, so please: no spoilers until then.

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