Everything I Wanted to Buy With My Tax Refund

Until I had to use my tax refund for something else.

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At Christmas, when anyone asks me what I want or need, I quickly respond with “Nothing! There’s nothing I need!” But give me some extra money, and there are no fewer than 29 things that I need to have. You know what, it’s more than a need. It’s imperative to my survival as a human on this planet that I get these things.

So naturally, after filing my taxes and getting significantly more than I had anticipated, my mind started going crazy with a list of things I to buy with the money (after putting a portion into my savings, of course):

Frames for art

In every new apartment my bedroom is the last thing that gets decorated. But this is going to be the time! My fiancé designed some new art I’m really excited about, so I need 5 11″ x 17″ frames to put them in. $38.

Spice rack

I don’t even know what to do with most of those spices, but I assume having them in my kitchen will transform me into a world-class chef. $39.99.

Bedding set

My cats have shredded the corners of my current comforter, and I’ve also just gotten bored with it. The cats finally have a scratching post they like that ISN’T my bed, so the timing is perfect. $60.54.

New pillows

To go with my new bedding set, duh. These I have to buy in-store, because I’m so picky about my pillows that I have to actually feel them first. $76.

New work clothes

I so rarely buy clothes that I wear the same five outfits over and over and over. I am in dire need of dress pants, new shoes, and new sweaters. ~$100.

All the Lives I Want (Alana Massey)

Because I live and breathe for her words about celebrities, you guys. You should all buy the book too. $16.74.

Soap dispensers

To replace the disposable dispensers I’ve been using, which will look better and get my apartment a little greener. $21.87.

TOTAL: $353.14. Totally achievable, right? But as fate would have it, none of these things are in my immediate future.

I was recently plagued with the worst tooth pain in my life and my dentist told me in no uncertain terms—and for the fifth time—that I seriously needed to have my wisdom teeth taken out. One of them was touching a nerve, and another was in danger of destroying the next tooth’s roots.

One $2,100 bill and about $50 worth of medications, liquid foods, and ice packs later, and I’ve blown through my tax refund and then some. I decided to put the rest of the dental costs on my credit card and deal with them once the pain pills wore off.

I could dip into my savings to pay off the credit card, but I hate to lose the progress I’ve made there. Then again, paying my debt off slowly means I’ll end up paying interest, and it’ll eat into what I would be putting towards my savings each month anyway.

So I haven’t decided on a repayment method, but I have decided to wait on all the new things I want. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I didn’t actually need any of them, but I’ll try to let myself splurge on at least a couple things. Maybe some thrift store outfits and cheaper soap dispensers will make me feel better.

Stephanie Ashe is a freelance writer, cat mom, and pop culture devotee. She’s probably talking about a 90’s movie on Twitter right now.

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