This Week in Pods

Photo credit: Mark Skarratts, CC BY 2.0.

We’ve got three different Pod Stories this week, but let’s start with a Billfolder Tip:

To be fair, a “nook” is not a pod, but I’m not going to be picky. If you write the word “book” you have to write “nook,” you don’t want to tell people to cozy up in a book pod, that’s weird.

Opened last year, the Book and Bed offers bibliophiles the chance to stay in their very own book nooks, with 30 sleeping compartments (complete with a curtain for privacy) hidden amongst the library shelves.

For less than £30, you can hunker down with your pick of novels, and enjoy free wifi and a locker service for storing all your bags.

The hotel is in Tokyo and the article is in a British publication, so here’s a rough currency translation for our U.S. readers: the Book and Bed will cost you $38.09 per night—totally reasonable—plus around $1,300 for a round-trip flight to Japan.

But, if you take that round-trip flight on an Airbus sometime in the future, your plane might be filled with modular pods designed to accommodate as many people as possible!

These modular plane pods designed by Airbus can be made into a coffee shop, spa, or play area

Now Airbus, the maker of the world’s largest passenger aircraft, has come up with an innovation that promises to actually add an amenity — in the form of an easily customizable modular add-on. Airbus today unveiled its design for an arched unit that can be loaded aboard the plane as needed. It could be used as a restaurant or coffee shop, for bunk beds or a spa. It could be a gym with exercise bikes or even be a play area for antsy children.

It’s been a few years since I was last on an international flight, but every domestic flight I’ve been on in the past few years—and I’ve taken plenty—has included a literal jetstream of warnings: “We’re coming up on a bit of turbulence, the captain is going to turn the fasten seatbelt sign on, please remain in your seats for safety.”

When am I supposed to go to the gym? I can barely go to the lavatory on a flight anymore. Also, how are they going to fit a gym on a plane, even on an international flight? With pods? You’re telling me they’re going to put a gym inside a pod and put the pod inside the plane?

The article also includes this hilarious quote:

One benefit to this modular system, Chua said, is that airlines could adapt more quickly to changing tastes. For example, airlines don’t always need to fly with a shower in first class “if people decide they don’t like showering anymore.”

Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll probably need both a cup of coffee and a meal, or at least some protein to balance out all of the tiny pretzel carbs you just ate. Time to grab yourself a pod of PROTEIN COFFEE:

These New Coffee Pods Contain More Protein Than An Egg

The idea is that while you’re sipping your morning brew, you might as well get a hearty dose of protein, along with the collagen that may make for healthier joints, hair, skin and nails.

Please don’t tell us to drink collagen, that just sounds gross. I know it shouldn’t be any more disgusting than drinking protein, or fat, but I’ve had years to become accustomed to the idea that protein and fat are important parts of the food pyramid and collagen is the stuff that earlobes are made out of.

Maybe I’ll need to drink a cup of weed coffee before I can feel relaxed enough to drink collagen coffee.

This Week in Pods

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