Buyer’s Remorse: On Sale Now!

Come on down!


I didn’t participate in Amazon’s Prime Day, in part because I felt like their making Prime Day 7/12 —totally ignoring the options of 7/11 and 7/13 on either side — was an act of hostility against nerds and overthinkers like me.

But Prime Day is the kind of thing that gets me, because I often get suckered into the adrenaline-fueled “SALE SALE SALE, LIMITED TIME, BUY NOW” mentality, which isn’t great for clear or logical thinking. When was the last time I bought shoes that weren’t on sale? When was the last time I bought shoes I didn’t regret buying? These are important questions and also these are lessons I should have learned by now, considering I’m about to turn 34.

At least I’m not alone.

Amazon just had its biggest sales day ever

So, morning after, what purchases are you waking up to potentially regret? Or are you the kind of retail genius who manages to buy only the right things when they’re on sale?

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