Monday Check In

went with “New Orleans Eggs” instead

Good morning, humans. How much did you drop this weekend?

Colorado is a very nice place to watch two very nice people get hitched. There are streams and dudes with dreadlocks in their beards and I even drank some beer, which never happens. The cat at our Airbnb gave birth to kittens! It’s heaven.

So far, I’ve spent: $18.49 on various airport foods, $13.41 on an avocado and egg tartine and a chai latte, $20.08 on homeopathic drugs that were supposed to disappear my cold (no luck, good effort), $18.82 on brunch (eggs and grits!), and $7.50 on the aforementioned beer. Finally, $67.10 on a very pleasant dinner with the bride and groom.

Weekend total: $145.40. Shy of my estimate! How’d you do?

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