Deal of the Day: $460 Champagne Gun

Yes, it’s a squirt gun designed to spray champagne on people.

A Billfolder sent me a link to the world’s first champagne gun, a product that recently launched and is apparently designed for people who both enjoy both spraying champagne on each other and roughhousing on an unmanned speedboat: helpfully notes that its product has two primary uses: “champagne showers” (that’d be when you use the gun like a Super Soaker) and “champagne service.” It also advertises the Champagne Gun as a way to attractively display your bottles of champagne, if you’re the kind of person who has $460 to drop on a gun-shaped champagne stand.

Because yes, this product costs $460. You could pour a bottle of Martini & Rossi into a plastic squirt gun, or you could spend $460 plus the cost of the champagne for the privilege of spraying it on other people—or, as the commercial suggests, spraying it over your empty indoor pool.

There’s one shot in that YouTube commercial that makes the Champagne Gun suddenly seem distasteful: the one where you see someone on a balcony spraying champagne over a group of people dancing in a nightclub. A number of the Champagne Gun reviews describe it as a “champagne machine gun,” and one site goes so far as to write “Nothing says “trap star” more than emptying a $1,000+ magnum of champagne over a room full of strangers in the middle of the club.”

The Champagne Machine Gun Is About To Take EDM Parties By Storm [Video]

Obviously that review was written before the Pulse Nightclub shootings in Orlando.

So. Champagne gun. Would you buy it? Would you buy the inevitable knock-off version? Or do you prefer your champagne in an inexpensive champagne flute, poured directly from the bottle?

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