A Money Diary: June 28

Boulder on high

So apparently, according to the comments yesterday, financial tracking is just something people do which nifty neat okay I guess I’m going to have to turn this month into something more permanent and sustainable. I’m thinking about how that will look. I want a system that doesn’t make me feel bound to a calculator and spreadsheet — something that allows me to feel at least vaguely autonomous. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we did it up our last day in Colorado, and I spent the following:

$7.08 on an Uber to the car rental; $17.89 on mediocre bagel sandwiches and iced tea in Nederland; $16.31 on my Colorado souvenir — two crystals; $13.50 for two grown adults to play mini golf, and an additional $5 in arcade tokens; $46.24 on dinner (my portion of four glasses of wine, fancy cheese with pickles, escarole salad, and tagliatelle with tuna and peas); and $5.99 worth of gelato. We also dodged a hail storm and scampered around the top of a mountain. Colorado, you’re pretty okay.

Daily total: $112.01

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