Show Us Your Grocery Receipts: Wegmans

Billfolder Jen MacCormack shares her grocery receipt from a Wegmans in Columbia, Maryland:

This is an average grocery run to Wegmans. We’re a family of three — two adults and a toddler — and I normally buy groceries twice a month, with short stops in between for milk and bread and anything else I’ve run out of. Or anything I’ve developed a sudden inescapable craving for during the drive home from work (this month it’s been a lot of parmesan garlic pita chips).

This is a very typical Wegmans cart for me: meat, produce, cheese, ice cream, and tea. I’ve also got the usual toddler staples like applesauce, chicken nuggets, and squeeze pouches. For the most part I buy the house brand to save a few bucks. I don’t often bother with meal planning, because I don’t have time for much cooking. Dinners are usually a chunk of meat, a starch, and a vegetable, and that keeps my grocery list simple.

This isn’t anywhere near the whole story, of course, because I shop at other places. I visit Costco once a month or so for instant meals like frozen pastas and rotisserie chickens, and for lunch foods like yogurt and granola bars. It’s also where I buy shampoo, coffee, and cat litter. I get diapers and all the rest of my medical/beauty/hygiene supplies at Target. All told, I’d say my average monthly food-and-household-needs budget is about $600 a month.

I am impressed that Jen’s food-and-household-needs budget is only twice what mine is, and she’s got three people to feed (and household need)!

Also: after fourteen installments, I’m not going to number these anymore. I’ll still keep sharing them—and you can still keep sending your receipts to—but I’m not going to be all “PART TWENTY-ONE” or anything. We’ll just call this “Show Us Your Grocery Receipts” from now on.


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