Tell Me Your Best Customer Service Experience


Earlier today I extolled the virtues of Everlane, an online retailer that has become my go-to for well-made, classic, responsibly produced and reasonably priced basics. While I was living in New York I took alarming advantage of their one-hour delivery service. It was a bit like The Secret with a consumerist bent: you manifest that easy silk top that goes with everything, and it arrives in your hands one hour later.

Last week I placed a birthday order for these two tops, and accidentally typed the wrong unit number into the shipping address. FedEx said one top had arrived; no top. Realizing my mistake, I emailed Everlane to fess up and to let them know that the package might be on its way back to them. Again, this was 100% my dumb radish fingers user error. Here was their response:

Hi Meghan,

Thanks for checking in on this! Instead of making you wait to figure out the situation with that delivered package, I’ve simply put full store credit on your account so you can place a new order for it with the correct address or a different address entirely.

The Square Silk Shirt isn’t slated to ship out until May 23rd (whoa), so I’ve canceled that order for now, and you should see that reflected on your statement in the next 3–5 business days. I’ve also added some extra credit to your account so you can order it with expedited shipping once it’s back in stock, or just use the credit as a discount on your next order.

Apologies for the hassle with all of this! Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

All the best,

Gianna, I salute you. Customer service reps of the world, look to Gianna. She is your shining star. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Everlane, and I do suspect they are rewarding my customer loyalty to some degree, but I was still amazed by this response. Glossier just launched personalized customer service via FaceTime; I imagine many online-only retailers need to place a high premium on their customer experience in order to survive.

Do you think customer service is important? Have you had a great customer service experience lately? I want to hear about it.

This post is in no way sponsored by Everlane, duh, but if you like their stuff and want to feed my habit, you can use this link, which — full disclosure — gives me a $25 account kickback if you buy something. We had a rotating system at my old office for who got to give their code to the next victim. Is it tacky? I dunno. It works.

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