Monday Check-in!

Good morning it’s Monday and it’s my birthday and I’m in the desert!

My weekend was truncated by travel on Sunday, but after all my noise about terrible, expensive airport food, I actually TOOK MY OWN ADVICE and packed a lunch! Am I a wizard??? I still spent $12 at the Starbucks, but that’s less than I anticipated, so. Win.

My boyfriend reneged on our deal about him paying when we go out due to the fact that he doesn’t really drink and I do, oh I do, so we split the bill on Friday and I ended up out $35. On Saturday I spent $5ish on kale, avocado, and a lemon for dinner and my airplane lunch. The cat sitter was not sufficiently charmed by my cat to offer her services for free, so that’ll be about $45.

My estimate was $77; total spent was $97. Not a wizard after all.

And you?

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