Do 1 Thing, and Whistle While You Do It

Snow White

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to Do 1 Thing.

Today, my 1 thing is to wash a few crucial articles of clothing by hand so I’ll have something to wear until my landlord upgrades our washer and dryer. (The washer was the unit that broke, but as Ester Bloom reminded us last week, companies really prefer that you buy the set.)

Missing the Maytag Man and Making Do Without Him – The Billfold

To answer the immediate question: no, I’m not going to the laundromat. I have too much laundry to carry by hand, much less on a bus or Uber/Lyft, and Google says the nearest laundromat is 2.3 miles away. Also, the new washer/dryer units may be installed as early as this afternoon, although I don’t really expect them to be ready until tomorrow or maybe even Saturday.

I hope they have credit card swipes, so I don’t have to use quarters anymore.

What’s your 1 thing for this Thursday?

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