Parking Fees Based On How Much Your Car Is Ruining The Earth

The city of Madrid is introducing smart parking meters that will slap a surcharge on cars that pollute more and reduce parking charges for efficient vehicles, a system that city officials are touting as the first of its kind in the world.

Starting on 1 July, the price a motorist pays to park in the city streets will be based on a complex table governed by the engine and the year of the car. Hybrids will pay 20% less to park, while a diesel car made in 2001 will see a 20% mark-up. Electronic cars will park for free.

As the Guardian reports the cost of parking will also be adjusted based on how busy a street is, and how recently the car was bought.

Madrid is one of the most polluted cities in the EU, and they were facing big fines for nitrogen dioxide levels that are five times what is considered safe. Also on the docket for Madrid are a bike share and an energy-efficient bus system.

What I want to know is HOW DOES IT WORK? Any guesses? Okay or actual knowledge?

Photo: davidht

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