Regrettable Impulse Buys: Trader Joe’s Edition

by Katie Hannon and William Foster

• Oatmeal Chewing Gum

• Dr. Bronner’s Magic Lengthy Pamphlet

• Ready-To-Go Sliced Grapes

• Sprouted 7 Hair Follicle Bread

• Celery Leathers

• Naturally Scented Moisturizing Buttermilk Deodorant

• Farmer Joe’s Corn Harvest Macro Lager

• Gluten-Free Joe-Joe’s “Daylight Savings Time” Cookies

• Toffee Ham Bits

• Organic Unsalted Crunchy Butter

• 3 grams of Mexican dirt weed from Jay in the stockroom

Katie Hannon and William Foster are co-founders of 50/50 Global Endeavors. Photo: Liz West