How Much Would You Pay For Elephant Poop Coffee?

If the answer is $1500 a kilogram, then it might be time to start booking your next vacation. On the island of Macau, China, you can get a cup of “black ivory” for 488 patacas, which is about $60 USD (plus tip!).

The labour-intensive process behind the coffee starts with orphaned elephants in Thailand. They are fed Thai Arabica coffee berries, which are them collected from their faeces after a period of “natural fermentation”.

Just 200 kilograms of elephant dung coffee are produced every year, as it takes 33 kilograms of coffee berries to yield just 1 kilogram of the coveted stuff.

The final product supposedly has aromas of dark, nutty chocolate and tastes of cherry and tobacco.

Staff at MGM Macau’s Grand Praca Cafe, where the coffee is served daily between 1pm and 8pm, said that since it was added to the menu, there were one to two orders every day.

I am sorry that I put that f-word on this website, and I am sorry to bring up orphaned elephants, but to be honest if I ever find myself in Macau, I would probably throw down for a cup of this stuff.