The Cost of Getting Strep Throat 2x in 1 Month

$30, copay to get rapid strep test (positive)

$15, antibiotics

$20, bottles of regular water, cartons of coconut water

$150, two days missed work

~two weeks of living life, not to the fullest, just a regular amount (January)~

$10, hot toddy (medicinal)

$15, elderberry syrup because of reported immune strengthening functions, why is my throat hurting again this cannot be happening to me

$22, colloidal silver to spray on throat and kill stuff?????

$6, gallon of vanilla ice cream for throat numbing capabilities

$10, ibuprofen (ran out)

$30, copay to get second rapid strep test in one month (negative)

$16, lidocaine-laced mouthwash as consolation prize for no drugs

$30, throat numbing coughdrops (2 kinds), coconut water, vitamin water, regular water, throat spray

$100, 1.5 days missed work

~two days of fever dreams about what could possibly be wrong with me, will I ever feel better, ever, is this the new normal, is this just how I feel now, I need to move back to Virginia, they may as well come get me now~

$15, antibiotics after the doc called and the lab test came back positive for strep


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