The Hidden Costs of Working From Home

1. More dishes to do. Sure not buying lunch every day is a big plus, but it’s like making dinner twice! Too much work.

2. Utter loss of dignity. It is 3 p.m. on a Thursday and I am not wearing a bra, certainly haven’t showered, and come to think of it I haven’t even brushed my teeth. Jesus.

3. Laundry hazards I just ate a taco in bed (??? this is a horrible sentence) and spilled salsa on my boyfriend’s pillow. And tea all over the sheets.

4. Mental health. Haven’t been outside yet, though I hear it is freezing cold.

5. More distractions. I do not get paid by the hour, and this overflowing toilet is not going to pay the bills.

6. My landlord sometimes comes around in the middle of the day and knocks on my door and it’s hard to be like, “Sorry I can’t talk, I have a blog post to write.” I don’t think he knows what a blog is. Also even if he doesn’t knock on my door, just the sound of his voice ruins everything for me.

7. MY TOILET IS ACTUALLY 100% CLOGGED. It’s a bad scene, guys. A bad, bad scene.

Photo: Rubbermaid Products

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