My Last Hundred Bucks: Parking, The Best Avocado Sando, and Who Knows What from Starbucks

by Eric Spiegelman

Where’d your last hundo go, Eric Spiegelman?

$13.03: Kombucha and cigarettes at on Sunset.

$1.50: Parking meter.

$5.98: Apple iTunes Rental of World War Z, unrated cut, which had a whopping 7 minutes of footage not in the rated cut.

$1.00: Parking meter.

$11.50: Avocado sandwich and coffee at Trails on Fern Dell in Griffith Park. This is the best avocado sandwich that exists and you get to enjoy it in nature.

$2.00: Parking meter.

$11.19: 20-ounce bottle of Solidarity Ale, Eagle Rock Brewery, from Sunset Beer, and a small bottle of St. Bernardus.

$5.00: Approximately 15 games of pinball at Pins and Needles in Echo Park, where the aforementioned beer was consumed. Pinball Molly got rid of Jackbot which I was best at but she added Metallica which is pretty good.

$1.50: Parking meter.

$4.60: Some sort of flavored iced tea beverage at Bru Coffeebar on Vermont. I don’t remember the flavor but the color was red. Or maybe yellow.

$36.00: Four Allagash Whites and tip at 1739 Public House on Vermont. I lost my debit card at the bar.

$7.40: Unknown item at Starbucks on Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles, purchased by the person who found my debit card.

$0.50: Parking meter.

Eric Spiegelman lives in L.A.

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