Here’s What You Spend on Groceries Each Week

We asked, and you responded (and boy, did you respond!). I made two separate charts based on what you said you spend on groceries every week. One for those who responded accounting for their single selves:

And another chart for those reported spending as a couple (or with a child):

Hey, look at that! The most popular response for a single person buying groceries was $50 a week, and the most popular response for a couple just so happened to be exactly double that at $100 a week.

Of course, a lot of responses also came with an explanation telling us why their numbers were higher or lower than the other responses in the thread. Some people said they spent less on groceries because they ate out during the week, or had the benefit of having free food at work, or were simply frugal. Some people explained that their grocery bills were higher because they included alcohol, or supplies for their pets, or because they bought mostly organic food. We are different people who make different spending choices! It’s nice to see what the range looks like and where you might fall on it.

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