The Man Behind That Voice

Fennoy, who happily refers to himself as The Hulu Guy, had been voice acting for over 20 years when the Hulu job presented itself. “The gig came by chance,” says Fennoy. He was at a party a few years ago when a man overhead his voice and asked him about his line of work. Fennoy told him he was a voice actor, and the man hit him with a pitch. “Well you know there’s this new thing called Hulu, and they’re looking for a voice,” the man told him. “Why don’t you give me your email address and I’ll send you a script.”

Over at BuzzFeed FWD, John Herrman has a really fun piece about Dave Fennoy, the man who voices the “limited commercial interruption” line on Hulu. Fennoy voiced various characters on beloved animated series like Captain Planet and Darkwing Duck, as well as on video games like Walking Dead. He notes that once upon a time, sought after voice actors could make up to $40,000 a day. Alas, no more.