Bizarre Job Interviews

What’s the most bizarre job interview you’ve ever been on? Quora has a spectacular thread about people’s bizarre interviews, the most popular one being someone who was at an interview when an earthquake struck (everyone ran for cover or escaped the building while the applicant and interviewer continued the interview as if nothing out of the ordinary was occurring). But the one that really takes the cake is this one:

He dropped me off at my car and promised to pick me up the next day after work so we could go see the site of the future office. He showed up (on time) in the expensive silver sports car with a cooler of beers. He took me across the state line (into Wisconsin) to a location in the middle of the woods.

At this point, I seriously considered jumping out of the car. I was thinking about how he’d cut me into tiny pieces and my family would never know what happened to me. He may have been coked up. He was certainly a reckless driver. I tried to continue casually chatting and appearing blasé about everything.

At some point, he parked the car in a field, and we got out and hiked up a hill. He showed me the river valley below, picked up a stone shaped like a heart and told me it was a sign.

And that’s just the half of it. The entire experience is just totally, totally bizarre and terrifying. [via]

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