8 People Who Answered Our Somewhat Invasive Questions About Their Money

1. Gawker editor Cord Jefferson (“I’m like, ‘Fuck, you’re going to pay me to do a job that I like doing and let me go to Brazil every once in a while? Deal!’”)

2. Canadian and hustler Michelle Lemay (“I figured if my dad told me not to worry about something, then it’s totally something to worry about. So I was a pretty frugal child.”)

3. Dealbreaker editor (and former banker) Matt Levine (“A guy I knew had left my firm to go to my bank, and he called me up and said, you want a job? And I said, Is it better than this job? And he said, Yeah, it’s a little better than that job. So I went.”)

4. Guardian US finance and economics editor Heidi N. Moore (“I grew up in a house that didn’t talk about money, and I had to figure it out on my own.”)

5. Former phone sex operator and current screenplay writer Katie Naylon (“I’ve been in debt many times and I’ve come out of debt many times, so I know what that’s like.”)

6. Cellist Peter Sachon (“I can only go forward, it’s the only choice.”)

7. Writer Natasha Vargas-Cooper (“There’s a lot of outdated dues paying I won’t abide by.”)

8. Non-profit fundraiser Rachel Wallis (“My relationship with money was definitely influenced by my mom.”)

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