Who Puts the Crowd in Crowd-Sourced Funding (Twitter, Basically)

Tomorrow, the publication started by the fired members of GOOD’s editorial staff, has a Kickstarter, and they’re killing it. As of this moment they have: $27,598. Bravo! Well-done! The incredible power of crowd-sourced funding for cool things that people are into!

The Tomorrow folks also have shared where all that money is coming from, which is super cool. You can read all about that on their tumblr, but they’ve pulled out a few key takeaways:

Little incentives worked best for us. People with the money to afford the big ones aren’t the ones who follow us on Twitter.

Your network is worth more than Kickstarter’s. We were listed in the “Popular” section on Kickstarter’s homepage for a while, but it only drove eight donations.

Any publicity helps. Most of our donations were driven from external referrers: The more people chatting about a project, the more donations.

If you would like to give them money, you can do that here (they’ve reached their initial funding goal of $15K, and everything above that will go to paying contributors and staff and also perhaps making this more than a one-time thing, which would be dope). Even if you have no dollars to give, you should go to the page anyway and watch the charming little video they made. They appear to be a super delightful group of people. Also: great-looking.