Money Spent This Weekend

It’s Monday — welcome back.

• I withdrew $40 in cash to head to a bar in the West Village to meet some friends. I prefer using cash at bars, instead of using my card and opening a tab because I can control my spending better that way. When you open a tab, you’re more likely to just order a bunch of drinks and appetizers without thinking about how much you’re actually spending, and before you know it, you’re closing your tab and signing on the dotted line for $100 or more. So: Cash is king.

• I also spent $38.64 at Bed Bath and Beyond for toothpaste, contact lens solution, and new pillow cases. I buy most of my toiletries from BB&B in the city, because it’s much cheaper than shopping at the drugstore two blocks from my apartment. The question is whether the savings is worth the inconvenience of having to go to BB&B.

$14.14 was spent at Best Buy, which is just a few blocks from the BB&B in my neighborhood. I bought a 16 GB flash drive to back up files on my computer, because I am the sort of person who backs up important files.

$2 for a Thai ice tea at a street fair on Sunday.

$53.92 for groceries for the week. I’m mostly excited about the peaches.

Total: $148.70 — Not too bad!

How was your weekend, and how was your spending?

Photo: Flickr/Neil Conway

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