Safety Deposit Boxes Are for Losers

It was a small safe, good for holding a few valuables or gold coins, ingeniously built into the base of a bed — a modern-day answer to the idea of stashing your savings under a mattress. A duly impressed Felipe plans on using it to store his wife’s jewelry and some extra cash: After all, he asks, what thief would look for such valuables in the frame of the bed itself?

— Well, for starters, me, right after I break into Felipe’s house and right before I take his wife’s jewelry and extra cash. Rich people are keeping their valuables at home now, by the way, IT’S A TREND. So just because Felipe is my mark doesn’t mean you can’t find one of your own. But once you’re in the house, don’t be looking for any janky safe — keep an eye out for elegance:

“When somebody is building a $100,000 custom closet, they don’t want a safe that looks like it belongs in the back of a delicatessen,” says Robert Tompkin, president of Prestige Safe, a high-end New York manufacturer.”