Student Loans, Pensions, and Rich People

Three short articles to read and discuss.

Do We Want to Discuss the Money Diaries Thing?

I’m betting a few of you saw the recent Money Diaries post at Refinery29, either because you follow their Money Diaries series or because… well… this one went viral.

5 Percenters Ask Congress NOT to Cut Their Taxes

They want to pay more so other people don’t have to.

Nearly Everyone Feels Guilty About Spending Money

Last Friday, we looked at why rich people hide price tags. Today, let’s pair Rachel Sherman’s NYT essay with Claire Zulkey’s longread at Racked: “Shopping When Your Partner Works and You Don’t.”

How Do We Become Rich, Anyway?

We start by lying about our weekends.

Let’s Watch A Documentary About The Super Rich

Light A Candle For The Billionaires & Hedge Funders Who Got Poorer in 2015

Los Angeles Still Has a Drought Going On, But That Didn’t Stop One Mansion From Running Up a $90…

Want to Know More About the Rich? Ask the People Who Clean Up After Them

2016 Presidential Contenders, Ranked By Richness