John Thornton Jr. on the Formative Nature of Debt

We had a Billfolder request to discuss the following longread — and it is a very long but worthwhile read — about the way debt reshapes our lives.

Parents Are Taking On More Student Debt, Too

We don’t always consider the effect student debt has on a student’s parents.

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At The Baffler, M.H. Miller writes about being “incapacitated by debt for a decade.”

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Or… it worked for this guy!

When You Think You’ll Never Be Free of Student Loan Debt

The Washington Post profiles a 31-year-old woman who owes $9,000 more on her student loans than she did when she graduated — even though she’s been making steady payments.

The Cost of a Shitty Car

I bought a Honda Civic when I was nineteen. I’m still driving it.

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