The Dow Is at Its Highest Ever (Again)

It just passed 25,000 points.

Let’s Get Excited About Investing

So I told you I’d tell you about my NEW 2018 BUDGET, and how it includes PERSONAL NON-RETIREMENT INVESTING.

I’ll Always Have Paris

When I was a young girl imagining adulthood, I never imagined being 60.

In Which I Run Several Possible Financial Scenarios, Including One Where I Qualify for a Health Insurance Subsidy

This post includes FIVE CHARTS.

Why I Retired From YouTube

In 2011, armed with a webcam and a desire to belong to an online community of nerds, I started making YouTube videos.

Suze Orman Is Retired But Still Working

Earlier this week, we looked at Suze Orman’s retirement advice. Now we get a profile of her life as a retiree.

Parents With Money

Lukas and I always say each to other: “our dads can’t die first.”

Suze Orman Says We Should Plan to Work Until Age 70

Simple, right?

A Friday Chat About Retirement and Cheese

Featuring Billfolder RH&C!

Social Security Payments Will Go Up By 2 Percent

That’s the highest increase in six years.