Two Articles and Two Podcasts About Stores That Are Going or Recently Went Bankrupt

No good retailer is gone forever.

Clothes, Shopping, and the “Fat Tax”

Welcome to the fun world of being a size 20.

When Your Clothing Has to Represent the Brand

I worked at the clothing store Express for the summers of 2007, 2008, and 2009.

A Clothing Return Roundtable

I asked a group of friends about their outlook on returns and how return policies affected their shopping habits.

Be True to Your Store

Was weighing down my wallet with rewards cards saving me money?

Will Crowdfunding Save Toys “R” Us?

And… should it?

Add Toys “R” Us to the List of Things Millennials Killed

The Toys “R” Us kids aren’t shopping there for their own children.

How Much Should Furniture Cost?

Curbed looks into why furniture is so expensive AND so poorly made.

Are Workplaces Destroying Leisure By Keeping Us Out of Shopping Centers?

I have so many thoughts on this, starting with “shopping is also work.”

Hot Boredom, or Why Trying to Save Money Sometimes Causes Me to Spend More

Buying something because you’re tired of asking yourself whether you should buy it.