What Do We Think of the Final Draft of the Tax Bill?

The House just voted to pass the final draft of the tax bill, and the Senate is scheduled to vote later today, so… I’m curious what you all think of it.

What Does the Trump Administration Want to Do to Tipped Workers?

This is not good.

Where Are We With This Tax Bill?

The Senate passed their bill this weekend, and now it’s time to draft the final version.

A Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Update

The Senate is preparing to vote on their tax bill later this week.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Gets Even Worse

People who earn under $75,000 will pay more taxes and lose more benefits.

5 Percenters Ask Congress NOT to Cut Their Taxes

They want to pay more so other people don’t have to.

Do We Need to Discuss the Paradise Papers?

Another set of leaked documents reveals financial secrets.

We Shouldn’t Be Worrying About Tax Law Changes

Instead, Ron Lieber writes, we should prepare for the unknowable future.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Is it actually going to cut taxes and create jobs?

This Isn’t How Socialism Works

Yes, this is about the Donald Trump Jr. tweet.