Four Articles on the Mega Millions Lottery

Even when you take taxes into account, your lottery ticket is still going to be worth more than the $2 you paid for it. Theoretically, anyway.

How to Win the Lottery

Step 1: Figure out how many tickets you need to buy to get a mathematically guaranteed return.

New Hampshire Woman Sues Lottery Commission for the Right to Remain Anonymous

This is the type of lawsuit that could change the way states deal with lottery winners.

What If a Group of People Created Their Own Lottery?

The New Statesman profiles Reddit’s Millionaire Makers.

It’s Harder to Win the Powerball Than Ever

Which is also why tonight’s Powerball jackpot is the second-largest ever.

I Won, I Won!

Winning $4 on a scratcher lottery ticket.

How Not to Talk to Your Children About Their Inheritance

What If Your Savings Could Help You Win the Lottery?

Feeling Weird About Finding Money

Woman Wins Lottery While Trying to Prove That Nobody Wins the Lottery